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Trend Alert! Flap Crossbody Bags Are The It-Item For This Spring 2021

One of our favorite seasons is here: Spring! After a very rocky 2020, we’re extremely happy that this Spring we can finally safely go out and about. This means that we need to make sure that our Spring wardrobe is fully on trend so that we’re ready to hit the town. Whether you live in the colder cities, where you actually need to switch out your winter and spring clothing or you live in the hotter cities where you wear pretty much the same all year round, it’s time to update your spring items and make sure you’re spot on with the 2021 trends. The most fashionable it-item that everyone needs this Spring? The Flap Crossbody Bag.

You might already be familiar with our line of expertly designed neoprene accessories, but if you’re not, allow us to introduce the PopUps concept. We believe in accessories that are for the everyday woman, comfy enough yet stylish enough to accompany her in her errands, work, and mom life as well. We have an entire line of different products, but today we’re focusing on the one item you definitely need in your Spring closet: the neoprene Flap Crossbody Bag! We could literally talk for ages on why this is the perfect bag, it’s super comfortable and perfect for when you’re on-the-go (which, let’s face it, as women... it’s most of the time), but if you want to read up on 5 reasons why they are the most convenient option, check out one of our older blog posts here.

The idea for the Crossbody Flap Bag came to us when we knew we had to create a bag big enough to fit all of your daily essentials but still small enough to not be bothersome during the day. Not every woman is a tote fan, so we wanted to please those women that have a special love towards bags that have a closure, especially for those PopUps Lovers that live in more hectic cities. As a result, we came up with the perfect bag: not too big, not too small, with a fashionable flap that comes with a stylish clasp to keep your items safe and sound, and arguably one of the most versatile bags ever. You can use it as a crossbody bag (which is our go-to style for hands-free hassle-free daily use, or you can also use it as a shoulder bag. The beauty of this bag is that you can truly make it fit your lifestyle!

It’s the trendiest bag for Spring because its practicality adds so much value to this crossbody bag! Springtime, while known for its change towards warmer weather, can still have some colder days and rainy days. This is why having a bag that’s easily convertible from a shoulder bag into a crossbody bag that you can tuck inside your raincoat or snow coat is the best accessory for the Spring season! Not to mention how easy it is to take care of (just pop it in the washing machine and hang to dry!).

However, if we had to pick one of the reasons why it’s THE bag for Spring 2021 fashion, it’s the variety of fun colors and prints available! Spring is the season to add some color and fun into your wardrobe, and starting with your everyday accessories is the best first step in doing so. If you have a bold, fun-loving style then you have to check out our camo prints. They’re super unique and make any boring outfit stand out, so be prepared to be asked where your bag is from every time you step out (make sure you become a PopUps Star and give them your referral code so that you can earn some points!). You can even personalize it with your initials! Our favorite for the Springtime look has to be the Flap Red Camo Crossbody Bag, its vibrant color and print will give your Spring outfits what they need!

If you’re not a big fan of prints, don’t worry, we got you covered. Whether it’s vibrant colors or more muted basic tones, we have an option for you. Our personal favorites for this 2021 Spring season are the Flap Eggplant Lover Crossbody Bag and the Flap Royal Blue Crossbody Bag. These crossbody bags come in two of our favorite colors: purple and blue. Not only do they add an extra punch of color to your outfit, but they’re not hard to combine at all. They are vibrant colors, but in tones that are still extremely usable for everyday. That’s the beauty of our neoprene bags, you don’t get tired of them!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop onto the Spring fashion 2021 trend wagon and get yourself a comfortable and stylish neoprene crossbody flap bag! You’ll see how easy it is to add some color to your Springtime looks and how versatile this crossbody bag is. You can use it for work or school (it even fits the big iPad!), or when you’re on the go running errands, or for a day out with friends. Let us know in the comments below which of our bestselling flap crossbody bags is your favorite!

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