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5 Reasons why neoprene crossbody bags are the most convenient option

We’ve already covered a few reasons why everyone and anyone needs to have a neoprene bag in their accessory arsenal, but today we’re zeroing in on what is arguably the most comfortable bag style there is: a crossbody bag.😉

Choosing a crossbody neoprene bag is the best option for women that are constantly on the go and need a lightweight purse that’s the perfect size.Not to mention how flexible and versatile they are .

If you’re tired of having to switch bags for every different outing you have (and misplacing your keys in the process) then it’s time for you to change to a neoprene crossbody bag that you can bring everywhere.
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Here are the top five reasons why crossbody neoprene bags are simply the most convenient style there is.

1.Not too big, not too small - Just Right: ✅

While most people love huge, bottomless hand bags that you can fill to the brim with every single item you can think of, the perfect women's crossbody purse is one that can fit your essentials without having you walking lopsided.

There are different styles of crossbody bags for women that need a comfortable, everyday bag in their lives.

You can either go with a crossbody tote bag, which is like a mini crossbody bag version of the everyday tote bag, or a cute crossbody purse like the flap crossbody messenger bag.

Small tote bags are a unique kind of crossbody handbags that help you achieve the easygoing look of a tote shoulder bag without the size being too overbearing like large crossbody bags tend to be.

The flap version of the small crossbody bag is a must for when you want to keep certain items stylishly and safely stored while you’re on the go.😉


2.No Need To Sacrifice Style For Comfort:🙅‍♀️

Crossbody neoprene bags
make cute bags for women who want to look fashionable and on trend without carrying around an uncomfortable purse that doesn’t fit their needs.

The best part is that they come in so many different prints and colors, so there’s an ideal match for everyone.

Go for a black crossbody bag or a white crossbody purse if you’re looking to stock up on items that will be closet staples which you’ll be able to match with every single outfit.

If you want to make more of a statement, choose a pink crossbody bag or check out our tie-dye collection if you want to stay on top of the current fashion trends (we’re so obsessed with the tie dye trend that we doubt it will ever go out of style!).

Another great plus about accessorizing with a neoprene crossbody bag is that they’re so lightweight that it can fit everything you need without causing any strain! 

3.Made For The Jet Setters And Holiday Lovers:💓

Using a travel crossbody bag when you’re jet setting into a well deserved holiday is the way to go.

Forget using bulky duffel bags and don’t even think about using your old school backpack when boarding.

When flying out for a holiday or work trip, it’s always best to pack intelligently, which is why we love using a small crossbody purse when travelling.

Not only can you use it when you’re on your way to your destination to safely keep your documents and travel essentials (by which we mean favorite snacks!) in, but once you land, it becomes the perfect holiday accessory.

The neoprene material makes these the best crossbody bags for going out to explore a new city, for comfortably carrying your everyday necessities while you’re headed on a boating trip, and even for an outing to experience your destination’s nightlife stylishly. 

Crossbody Neoprene Bags PopUps Brand


4.And For The Everyday Active Woman As Well:⭐

If you’re looking to get a gift for that one friend that’s always on the go, or for your sister that always seems to lose their wallet (and keys, and AirPods) that they’ll actually use, then start looking at cute crossbody bags that can adapt to their hectic lifestyles.

Get them a mini tote that’s a cute print camo neoprene bag which they can match with any outfit and use to comfortably carry their everyday items anywhere they go.

Some might prefer a more large crossbody purse that they can take to the gym or use as their office bookbag, we recommend choosing the flap crossbody bag instead in this case.

Either way, they’ll be thankful to get a fashionable, lightweight, waterproof bag that can match their on-the-go lifestyles!

5.It’s The Low Maintenance For Me🎉

Neoprene bags are the best types of bags for women who live an active life and simply don’t have the time or patience to worry about their favorite designer crossbody bags staining beyond repair.
These washable women's crossbody bags are extremely easy to take care of, which is why you can safely use them for virtually anything, from carrying your lunch with you on a hectic work day to storing your baby essentials without having to haul around a huge diaper bag.

To wash your neoprene bag, you can either treat individual stains with soap and warm water or, for bigger messes, throw it into the load when you’re doing your laundry and let the washing machine do all the work for you. Simply hang it to dry afterwards and your favorite neoprene crossbody bag is good as new and ready to go!  

Crossbody neoprene bags PopUps Brand

Whether you’re someone that’s always travelling for work, an active girl boss that needs a bag that can adapt to all of your everyday events, or a gal that doesn’t have the time to worry about spilling her favorite rose wine on her bag when she’s at brunch with friends, the bottom line is that you need a comfy neoprene crossbody bag in your life, ASAP. We do have to warn you though, once you get into the easy, stylish, neoprene life you’ll find it very hard to go back!

Are you agree? Let us know in the comment section😍👇

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