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Summer Is Here! Check Out These Basic Tote Bags That You Will Fall In Love With

School’s out, Sun’s out… It's Summertime baby! We couldn’t be happier that warmer weather and time to relax are both here for the season. While as hardworking, do-it-all, on-the-go women we know that sometimes Summer can be a super hectic time for us superwomen, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a secret weapon to help you out on your busy summer days, and accompany you on your laid back vacation days, too! If you’re looking for THE best accessory you can have on your shoulder this Summer (and any season really) it’s one of our neoprene bags. If you’re not sure which neoprene bag is the right one for you, check out one of our previous blog posts here. For this blog, we’re going to be focusing on one of our bestsellers and the perfect summertime bag: the Everyday Tote Bag!

The thing with accessories and clothing, is that you need to have a good amount of basics to build upon. This is the ultimate secret to having a complete and well-curated wardrobe, making sure that you have basic pieces that you can combine and elevate for more special occasions or pair with more casual items for more laid back occasions. As for your accessories, and your handbags especially, you need to have at least one basic bag that you can use with literally any outfit in your closet! This will make getting ready and being on-the-go (as most women usually are) the easiest thing ever.

However, when we talk about a basic neoprene bag, we mean wardrobe staples that are actually anything but “basic”. While we love a good white, black or nude accessory (they’re honestly the easiest thing to combine and go well with literally any outfit), it doesn’t mean that you have to go with boring accessories or shy away from any color whatsoever. Using basic neoprene bags is the best way to elevate basic items, because the fun and unique neoprene material not only makes them comfortable for everyday use, but distinguishes them from your typical, bland, tote bag. Our accented rope design for the tote bag straps also put a fun spin on the tote bag design.

First up on our list of basic neoprene tote bags you need is the Everyday Tan Tote Bag. If you’re looking for a nude, basic accessory but aren’t a fan of pinkish or blush tones, then this is the one for you. The soft tan shade goes well with absolutely any outfit, and is a very neutral shade without being boring. The black interior also contrasts with the tan shade and makes it stand out without being flashy--like every good basic fashion item should do.

Next, we have the Everyday Basic Black Tote Bag. We couldn’t really compile a list of our favorite basic essential neoprene bags without including an all black one! Some say that black is the most important color to have in your wardrobe, so having a black neoprene bag that fits everything you need and matches with every single outfit you could possibly think of is almost a no-brainer. We also love how elegant it looks, making it appropriate for the office and comfortable enough to run errands with it after work!

The best basic color that is not black, white or blush: GREEN! The Everyday Safari Green Tote Bag is the way to go if you’re not a big fan of the classic basic tones. This military green tone is easily combinable with any outfit, from your gym outfit to jeans and a t-shirt! It’s a great way to incorporate color into your outfits without it being too overbearing or bold, so for those of you that want to include more color but are more of a classic taste, this is the bag for you!

Now, one of our hottest bestsellers is a bestseller for a reason. The Everyday New White Tote Bag is a necessity for most of our PopUps lovers! Whoever said that you can’t wear white after labor day is wrong in our book, because we think that white accessories are the best way to look chic and elegant even while you’re running the most hectic errands. You can’t really talk about basic tote bags without including this white tote bag!

Something navy, you ask? We have it. The Everyday Deep Blue Tote Bag is THE most chic accessory you could have. The fun neoprene fabric gives it a youthful feel, but it’s the perfect bag for those who like neutral tones but are bored of the black and whites. An easy and non-intimidating way to add some fun color to your outfits without being too over the top, which is surely not everyone’s style!

Looking for a blush pink bag that will fulfill your neutral dreams? We have not one, but two for you! The Everyday Pretty In Pink Tote Bag and the Everyday Pretty In Pink II Tote Bag were designed with you in mind. The perfect shade of nude, pink but not too pink, blush but not too blush, just right. The first version is great if you love a monochromatic look, but if you want some contrast, go for the version II since the black rope straps stand out, making it a unique bag that still goes with any outfit!

And last but not least, one of the best basic neoprene bags you can think of, the Everyday Shades of Grey Tote Bag! Honestly, this bag goes with everything. We knew we had to design a great gray tote bag that combines with any look without looking boring, and it took a while for us to find the perfect shade of gray, but we are extremely happy with the result (and so are our PopUps lovers!).

So there you have it, a curated list of the best basic tote bags you NEED this summer. From black, white, neutral tones to navy, green and grey, there’s an Everyday Tote Bag neoprene tote for you! What are you waiting for? Go get your own basic neoprene bag! 

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