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Which type of neoprene bag is the best one for you?

If there’s one trend you need to hop on ASAP, it’s the neoprene bag trend.

Unlike other fashion trends that have hard to combine pieces that tend to go out of style quickly, these bags are extremely versatile and durable, meaning that you’ll probably want to keep using them forever.

Neoprene is a very flexible material that can handle your day to day hassles and isn’t a headache to take care of.

You can literally throw your bag in the washing machine and call it a day, seriously.

But as it usually happens with accessories, there’s many types of bags for women and it can be hard to figure out which bag is the right fit for you and your lifestyle!

Today, we rounded up our top four neoprene bag categories to help you see which model is the best one for you.

best neoprene tote bags

The Everyday Tote Bag

A perfect, versatile bag if there ever was one. These are cute tote bags for work, as easily as they are a perfect overnight bag women need to have in their closets for a night away.

It’s the neoprene gym bag women that go straight from the office to their workouts have to have in their lives, especially since women's gym duffel bags are usually super bulky and unfashionable.

Even the best designer tote bags can’t hold a candle to the comfort and ease of a neoprene tote bag.

Get a black tote bag or a white tote bag that matches with everything or go with more of a statement piece, like a pink tote bag or the neoprene tote bag camo print which is one of the bestselling styles (the camo tote bag model is one you can do no wrong with!).

These bags are easily the best carry on bag for a woman who is constantly jet setting away, but they are also so versatile that you can use these tote bags for school, too, and even use your tote as a neoprene lunch bag that is a clear upgrade from your boring brown paper bag!

The Flap Crossbody Bag

Think of a women’s satchel bag, but way better. This neoprene crossbody bag has a fashionable flap to keep your items safely stored inside.

Cute crossbody bags like this one show that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, because with this bag you can have both!

This bestselling luxe neoprene bag comes in a variety of different prints, but the pink crossbody bag and the red camo print bag have to be two of our clear favorites!

The neoprene flap crossbody easily tops any and all best women's crossbody messenger bag lists for sure, especially since the sizing of the bag is just right: not too big so that it’s uncomfortable to carry, but not too small that it can’t fit your essentials.

It’s the perfect fit for those that are looking for a durable, flexible bag that they can use when they’re out and about.

The Mini Everyday Tote Bag

Let’s face it, when thinking of shoulder bags for women, not everyone is in love with using a large tote bag.

As great as it seems to have a lot of space to throw everything you own in there, sometimes larger bags aren’t the perfect fit for everyone.

Some like to go for the minimalistic route, and pack just the essentials to carry around with them.

If this sounds like you, then you should definitely be looking at small tote bags that you can use as a mini crossbody bag.

A smaller crossbody tote is the perfect match for those that like the look and comfort of a tote bag, but not the size.

Not only are they super cute, this model is the perfect size for a small crossbody bag that can store enough of your everyday items that it will quickly become the one accessory you can’t live without!

The Pouch Bag

The neoprene pouch bag is the best model for you if you’re looking for a bag that can be a makeup bag or a cute clutch just as easily.

This small waterproof pouch can safely store all of your essentials, from your cosmetics to your contact lens case and solution.

Perfect for traveling, this waterproof zipper pouch can store anything from your passports and travel documents but can also be used as a waterproof beach pouch where you can safely store your sunnies and tanning oils once you’ve arrived at your destination.

You can also throw it into your everyday tote bag to keep your more important items in order and safely stored.

We love a versatile bag like this one that you can take anywhere and store anything in!

Hopefully this guide can help you figure out which neoprene bag will be your next style obsession, but in all honesty, neoprene bags are so versatile that you can mix and match them for all of your needs.

Fair warning: Once you get one neoprene item, you’ll soon get addicted to how easily you can take care of them and how durable they are! The fact that you can use the same bag to go for coffee with the girls, to rushing to the gym, to a busy day at the office, to carry your lunch in, to take it with you on a plane is something that not all bags can do, and that’s the magic of neoprene.
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