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You Definitely Need These TIE DYE Bags This Summer!

One of the hottest summer trends is the TIE DYE trend! We’ve been loving all things tie-dye lately, from matching sweat seats to hoodies to swimsuits… so it’s only logical that we add tie dye handbags to the list! We designed a special collection featuring our fan favorite Everyday Tote Bag in six different tie dye prints, where there’s one for every type of woman. From vibrant, fun colors to more neutral tie dye tones, we designed with different tastes in mind so that everyone can enjoy the cool tie dye trend!

For the fun-loving, extra colorful, extroverted gal, we have the perfect accessory: the Everyday Neon Tote Bag Dye! Nothing screams Summer more than a cool, colorful, vibrant handbag that fits all of your essentials. You can take it on your summer holiday, where you’ll be getting tons of looks for your super cool tote bag that’s not only water-resistant, but super stylish and comfy as well!  Neon and tie dye are a match made in heaven, so make sure to add this cool handbag to your Summer wardrobe!

If you’re a fan of neutrals but love tie dye as well, then this is the best bag for you: the Everyday Bleach Tote Bag Dye. It’s a very unique print made that has a bleached tie dye effect. It goes with any outfit because it’s colors are neutral, but it stands out in a crowd just as much as a colorful handbag does. This bag is everything: comfortable, handy, spacious, neutral-toned, tie dye, water resistant… we can go on and on about how you need this bag for a stylish summer 2021!


Now for one of our favorites, the one that started it all: the Everyday Tote Bag Classic Dye. This beautiful tote bag has a colorful yet not over-the-top print made with tie dyed shades of blue, teal and mauve. The blend between these colors over a white background creates a cool contrast, making this the perfect handbag to add color to any outfit without being too bold. The white sailing rope straps also add that special touch!

The Everyday Tote Bag Classic Dye II is the sequel to our Classic Dye Tote, meaning it has similar tones but has a different tie dye print design to it. It also features black sailing rope straps instead of the white ones that the first classic has, which add a nice contrast to the colorful yet elegant tie dye print. One thing about this design is that you’ll be using it all summer long - from running errands to taking it on holiday, it’s the best summer accessory!

For our pastel lovers, we have something for you too! The Everyday Pastel Tote Bag Dye was made with you in mind. It’s the perfect accessory for those that love color but are sometimes intimidated by it. The yellow tie dye print is bright enough to liven up any plain outfit, but is also a soft pastel toned yellow, meaning that it’s not too bold or overly colorful. This yellow tote bag is a great way to brighten up your summer outfits, whether they are gym outfits or sun dresses! 

And of course we had to create a sequel for the yellow pastel tie dye tote as well! The Everyday Pastel Tote Bag Dye II features a similar pastel yellow fabric to the original, but has black sailing rope straps and a black trim instead of the white ones that the first one has. The black creates a nice contrast with the soft yellow tie dye print, making it a stunning addition to any of your summer outfits. You’ll see how easy it is to be practical and stylish after using this tote bag for summer 2021, but don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!

It’s easy to be in style and comfortable this summer with the PopUps Tie Dye collection! Fit everything you need for your summer holiday or your everyday errands between beach days easily without sacrificing style! The tie dye trend is one of our favorite fashion trends yet, and it’s here to stay. Check out our Tie Dye Collection and find the best one for you!

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