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PopUps Personalization 101: The Ultimate Guide To Monogramming Your Favorite Bags!

The only thing cuter than a stylish, comfy bag that’s durable enough to handle your hectic day-to-day is a monogrammed, stylish comfy bag that’s durable enough to handle your hectic day-to-day. Personalization is one of our favorite tools to take an accessory to the next level, it adds a special flair to your everyday outfits and instantly makes your bag a unique one. If you’re looking for a one of a kind gift that will make any of the special women in your life smile every time they use it (which will be every single day, because that’s just how comfortable and easy our neoprene bags are), then get them a personalized neoprene tote bag or a personalized crossbody bag with their initials. It’s super easy, here’s how you do it:

First, select your neoprene bag of choice. This is arguably the hardest step of the process! We have so many different options, from large tote bags that fit everything you might need, like, ever, to cute little tote bags for those that love a small bag over a big one, to crossbody flap bags that are super suited for on-the-go, to the most versatile and fun pouches to store all of your everyday essentials. On our website, stroll through all of the different neoprene accessory options until you find the one that you like the best! If you need some extra help deciding, you can always reach us by clicking the green Whatsapp icon on the bottom right of the page and you’ll get personalized help! Whether you choose to go with a black crossbody bag or a pink tote bag, or a neon pouch or a navy blue mini tote, you have the option to personalize all of them!

After you’ve selected your PopUps bag, right under where you select the color option, you also have the option to personalize it! Click on the personalization option, and type in what you’d like embroidered onto your bag. There’s a max of 6 letters for each personalization, so if you have a short name you can personalize it with your name, or go for the more common option and monogram it with your initials! You can select the color of the embroidery too, we have black and white as well as more colorful options that really stand out on bags that are neutral toned. The last step is to select your font, either Block style of Handwritten style. This is the moment to show your personality and add your unique touch to your neoprene bag!

It only costs 18$ to add a personal touch and make your bag the most unique tote bag or crossbody bag or waterproof pouch out there! We especially love personalizing pouches because they make travelling and organizing so much easier (especially if you travel as a family or in a group… or simply have a lot of stuff!). It’s so much better to easily distinguish your pouches from your kids’ or your personal care items from your makeup for example! Another added plus of the personalization tool is that if you’ve used your PopUps Star referral code and gotten all your friends hooked on our neoprene accessories, the best way to instantly recognize which bag is yours when you’re out with your girlfriends is by having it monogrammed!

The TLDR is:
- You can personalize ANY of our PopUps products: totes, mini totes, crossbody flaps, and pouches!
- You can choose from two different fonts and six different colors (black, white, green, orange, pink and blue)... for now! (we plan on adding more fonts, color options and even some emojis in the near future! Sign up for our email list to be the first to know.)
- You can embroider anything you want as long as it's max 6 characters. So your name, initials, or any other word that you'd like to personalize your PopUps with.

And there you have it, a super easy way to personalize your favorite PopUps neoprene accessory and make it truly yours. If you have any questions about the personalization tool, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. We can’t wait to see the amazing personalized creations and combinations that you all come up with! Make sure to tag us on Instagram by using #PopUpsBrand so we can see you sport your beautiful, personalized PopUps!

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