A Popups lover is not only a woman that is always on the go and ready to do it all, she is also a traveler that values functionality in her bags when on-the-go. This time one of our PopUps lovers took us with her on her trip to Africa. 
From the breathtaking Victoria Falls to the wildlife encounters in Hwange National Park, their adventure was nothing short of extraordinary. Explore their Zimbabwean expedition and get inspired for your next adventure. They were accompanied by our newest product the fanny pack. A bag that lets you be hands free, ready with all your essentials while also looking cute and stylish. Using the safari fanny pack, she was safari ready in no time. 
Fanny Pack, Safari Fanny Pack
Available in all our classic tones this bag makes the perfect companion for any adventure trip. Our clients not only took their safari fanny pack, but also the tan and taupe colors that blended perfectly into the environment. The breathtaking views of the Victoria Falls were not enough, a closeup of lions and elephants were what really had us in awe. 
Lions in Africa
Taupe Fanny Pack in Africa
Our clients shared their top five tips for going on Safari with us:
  1. Timing and Location: Research the best season and destination for wildlife sightings. 

  2. Pack Wisely: Wear neutral clothes, bring sunscreen, bug spray, and a good camera. Our fanny packs were a great neutral accessory. 

  3. Respect Wildlife: Keep a safe distance, don't feed them, and follow your guide's instructions.

  4. Stay Patient: Wildlife encounters can be unpredictable; be patient and observant.

Tan Fanny Pack Safari
Overall our trip was a once in a lifetime experience. Experiencing views and wildlife like no other, and nothing makes travel easier than having great travel accessories with you.
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