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Hot pink bag all October long. The bag for the season!

It’s October. The leaves are changing, the days are shorter, and there’s a crisp in the air. However, don’t break out your favorite fall totes just yet!

This month means more to us than pumpkin spice lattes, spooky movies, and cozy flannels (although we’re crazy about those, too!). October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Popups will seize any opportunity to celebrate powerful women, so we’re doing something special. This year, we’ve put our hot pink prints on sale to honor those afflicted by this disease. We want to remind you that strong and fearless ladies are always in style - our neoprene bags, perfect for all women, reflect that.

Pink is a feminine color and our collection have the perfect tones, you definitely would find one that would delight your taste.

Pink, Poised, and Powerful

In the early 90s, activist Charlotte Haley distributed thousands of cards presenting the need for federal funding for cancer prevention. She attached pink ribbons to each card, thereby making pink the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Inspired by Charlottes’s story, we have decided to continue her mission with our pink neoprene tote bags that never fail to make a statement. 

At Popups, we recognize the best neoprene bags are defined by style, durability, and comfort - our pink totes are no exception. Available in various shades, every woman is guaranteed to find something that matches their mood, outfit, or personality. Below, we’ve detailed our classic pink totes so that you can commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness in style.

 Everyday Pretty in Pink Tote Bag

Our Everyday Pretty in Pink Tote Bag is perfect for all of our pastel princesses. Excellent for on the go, this style can accommodate all of your daily essentials with ease. Those who want a subtle pop of color but aren’t will to commit to a bright shade will love this design. Plus, the chic, romantic shade is also a top contender for date night, making it a versatile bag you need in your collection.

Everyday Pretty in Pink Tote II Tote Bag

Are sequels ever better than the original? We’ll let you be the judge. The Everyday Pretty in Pink II Tote Bag is another iteration of the classic Pretty in Pink tote. It features the same baby pink shade as its big sister but is slightly edgier due to its stunning black strap. This color combination yields a sexy, classy design that is guaranteed to elevate your ensemble.

Everyday Neon Classic (Pink) Tote Bag

Those who love color and are not afraid to let the world know it will die for the Everyday Neon Classic Pink Tote Bag. The vibrant coral shade adds a bright pop of color to any outfit. This selection also features a light pink strap that nicely contrasts the loud body. So now you have a fun way to store all of your daily essentials.

Everyday Barbie Tote Bag


This Popups bag, featuring a classic pink shade, is an homage to our iconic friend Barbie - the ultimate girly girl. Barbie is a woman of the world. With such an impressive resume (politician, teacher, surgeon, etc.), Barbie’s busy life meant she was in desperate need of a stylish, reliable bag to carry her belongings. With the Everyday Barbie Tote Bag, you can go about your day knowing you have everything you might need right on your shoulder. 

In addition to our signature styles, we also offer custom neoprene bags. Made with your specifications in mind, our bespoke totes are perfect for adding a personalized touch to any outfit.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does! All of our neoprene bags are also washer-friendly, so don’t fret if accidents happen. Set the machine to a cold temperature and wash on a gentle cycle, then leave to drip dry.

This October, Popups hopes that by carrying our favorite pink totes together, we can present a united front against anything.

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