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Mother’s Day With PopUps!

One of our favorite holidays is right around the corner, it’s the day where we celebrate the strong women that paved the way for us and taught us everything we know, and when we celebrate ourselves as well! Mother’s Day is a very special day, because no matter how bossy or uptight or sassy your Mom can be (they all are at times!), this is the day where we only focus on the good, and the valuable lessons that they have taught us. If you’re a new mom, it’s a day to celebrate all the hard work you do figuring out motherhood. It’s also a great day to celebrate our fellow mothers, the ones who help us at carpool or take the kids to the park. One of our founders is a proud mom of two, so we always take moms into consideration when designing our PopUps bags. So no matter which mom you’re celebrating, there’s a perfect PopUps gift for each of them!

For the Active Mom 

For those moms that are always on the go, from daycare to the gym to coffee with the girls, the best gift they could get is the Everyday Tote Bag! This is one of our bestsellers for a reason, it’s the best neoprene bag, big enough to fit everything she might need for a hectic day and comfortable enough to be her best sidekick through all the errands. It’s baby-proof and kid-proof because it’s a water resistant neoprene bag, immune to any spills, and can be washed easily (all you have to do is pop it in the washing machine, and done!). For the ones with a more classic taste, go with a chic blush pink tote like this one, if she loves to stand out, go with one of our neon collection bags like this lime green beauty that is bound to catch her eye! 

For the Delicate Mom 

No matter how young or old this mom is, she likes the classics but always goes for smaller accessories that are practical enough to carry only the necessities. This is perfect for those moms that love to go on walks or hikes because it’s super comfortable and lightweight. The Mini Everyday Tote Bag is the best gift ever, it’s fashionable and trendy but still super unique and different to any small crossbody bags in the market. If she loves a funky color to accessorize with, try gifting her this purple version, and if she goes for more of a classic vibe with her outfits and accessories, she’ll love this navy color.

For the Multi-Tasker Mom

For those moms that are multitaskers and love to be comfortable for their outings, but aren’t a fan of bigger tote bags, the neoprene Flap Crossbody Bag is a home run! They’ll adore this gift because it fits everything you need while being the perfect size, so they can easily fit all of their office or work essentials. A great twist on the typical crossbody bag, the flap adds an added layer of security so they can use it to walk around town without a worry. If she loves to stand out, go for a bold option like this red camo flap bag. If she’s a fan of the basics and loves a monochromatic wardrobe, the black option will be right up her alley!

For the Organized Mom

...or for the ones that are a little less organized, this practical neoprene Pouch Bag will help them get their stuff in order. From carrying all of their makeup and skincare products and keeping them all in one place to being the best on-the-go bag that fits their essentials when they’re on the go. It’s a perfect option for those jet-setter moms that are always on the go, because it makes traveling that much easier. Not to mention how perfect it is to keep baby essentials (a few extra pacifiers, baby formula, even diapers!--it all fits). If they’re a fan of the tie-dye trend, you can’t go wrong with this neon tie-dyed pouch. You can also play it safe with one of our more classic colors, like this burgundy version.

No matter which PopUps bag you choose to give to that special mom in your life, we guarantee that they’ll love their gift! She probably won’t say it, but she’s tired of getting the same typical gifts every year: a necklace, a bouquet, a gift card. Get her something cool and trendy instead, something that she’ll use every single day and be reminded of you all the time. Happy Mother’s Day from our PopUps family to yours!

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