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Introducing Our New Limited Edition Collections - The Best Neoprene Tote Bags For The Summer

It was only fitting that we choose one of our favorite seasons to launch not one but THREE limited edition collections! So this Summer, get ready to have the it-accessory of the season: the all time fan-favorite Everyday Tote Bag, in a variety of different themed prints. The perfect accessory for all your everyday needs (both Summer and beyond!), from working out, running errands, picking up your kids at camp, going on a beach holiday or having a chill day at the pool… this neoprene tote bag was made to be your everyday companion!

Starting off with our first limited edition collection, we have the Flower Bomb Collection! Inspired by our love of tropical vibes and nature, we designed limited edition prints for our new Everyday Tote Bag that all of our Pop Ups Lovers seem to be obsessed with (with good reason!). 

First up, we have the Jungle Tote: inspired by the vibrant vegetation of the jungle and its colors. It features a colorful flower print that even though it’s not overly bold, it will certainly help you stand out in a crowd. You’ll truly feel like the queen of the jungle with this bag. 

Next, we have the Coastal Tote. This comfortable tote bag is the perfect option for those that like to incorporate some color into their everyday outfits without being too over the top. The leafy print made with deep blue, cream and coral colors is modern while still classic and elegant… the best addition to any of your outfits! 

Lastly, we had to include a classic flower print in our collection, but we gave it our special twist and came up with a unique flower design that is youthful yet elegant so all of our PopUps Lovers can style it with ease! The reds, pinks and corals featured in the Tropical Tote print combine well with any outfit, from jeans and a t-shirt to an all black workout look!

Our second limited edition collection is the Denim Collection! We were inspired by one of the staple outfit pieces that we use almost on the daily: a good pair of jeans! The neoprene tote bags in this collection will seamlessly go with absolutely any outfit-just like your favorite pair of jeans do.

First, we have the Light Wash Tote Bag: think of the classic jean wash everyone loves and adores, turned into the ever-stylish Everyday Tote Bag! We love how all things 2000’s are coming back with a force, so of course we had to include a good light denim wash printed tote bag in our limited edition Denim Collection. As easy to combine as a pair of jeans, you’ll see how this bag will become your go-to accessory in no time!

Then we have the Medium Wash Tote Bag, which features a darker wash print with some light bleaching that adds texture and dimension to this unique bag. A denim accessory is the one thing you didn’t know you needed but soon enough can’t live without: perfect for everyday use, taking it on holiday, on your gym days and even to the beach!

The last piece of the Denim Collection is the Heart Wash Tote Bag. It might be one of the most unique designs, like, ever! This bag features a classic denim print with a cool design of hand drawn hearts. We absolutely love how this tote bag gives any outfit an extra level of dimension and boldness to any of your outfits, and it’s certainly a conversation piece!

And last, but definitely not least, we have the Pop Art Collection. Possibly one of the coolest prints ever, perfect for those creative and fun people with funky taste that always have the most unique pieces on hand. The bold prints will definitely brighten up your day!

The first bag in this collection is the Banana Madness Tote Bag, which you’ll go totally mad for. Inspired by the works of classic Pop Art artist Andy Warhol, we created this cool design featuring a pop art banana print over a pink background. The contrast between the yellow bananas and the millennial pink backdrop makes it a super unique bag that will certainly catch everyone’s eye. The ultimate cool and modern bag for the everyday woman!

Next up we have the I See You White Tote Bag, which features a white backdrop with artsy black line drawings that make up faces, people and hearts. It’s a very abstract design that is sure to stand out in a crowd but still easy to combine with absolutely any outfit, from your workout fits to your beach day looks, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere and anywhere! 

And since one I See You tote wasn’t enough, we created the I See You Blue Tote Bag, which features our I SEE YOU print in a blue backdrop with artsy white line drawings that make up faces, people and hearts. This abstract design is perfect for running everyday errands or visiting your favorite art exhibits (just don’t be surprised if you end up matching with some of the cool art while you’re there!).

All of these limited edition collection tote bags will soon be available this Summer! Make sure you tune into our Instagram and sign up for our Newsletter, so that you’ll be the first to hear about when these fun, new bags are launching!

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