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Five Reasons why Neoprene is the perfect Travel Handbag Material

Whether by plane, train, or car, a good travel handbag is essential. But what makes a bag good for traveling? An LV tote bag is chic and classy, but it's made of leather, heavy, and easy to stain. A backpack is great until you need to take something out of it. We at PopUps have analyzed and defined everything you should consider before you pick the best travel buddy ever. Here are five reasons why Neoprene will make your voyage better: 

     1. Weight (or, better put, lack of it) 

You want a lightweight bag so the only load you carry comes from what's inside. Unfortunately, that scratches a lot of materials that can be pretty but are not practical such as leather and heavy metal chains. Neoprene is the ideal material for traveling in great part because it’s virtually weightless. Our proprietary Luxe Neoprene happens to be both light as a feather and also sturdy. 



      2. Foldable 

Why is a foldable travel bag essential? Because it gives you options. Isn’t it great to have the flexibility that if you find a bag you fell in love with at your destination, you can just lug your trusty travel buddy in a suitcase. You can also quickly put a foldable Neoprene bag inside other bags for effortless outings. Life on the road is unpredictable, and it's really helpful to have a bag that adjusts.


     3. Washable and water-resistant 

If only because things tend to get gross when you travel, you want a bag that can be washed up once you return to your routine. And, when you’re on the run, you're going to want a water-resistant bag that protects your belongings from rain, spills and other wet mishaps. 


     4. Comfy

Because traveling usually means a lot of standing, walking, and moving. You should look for soft and gentle straps that won't leave a mark on your hands or shoulders. The last thing you want is a bag that gives you pain. 



    5. Roomy

Because we will need many things: toiletries, cellphone, wallet, passport, and maybe some layers because you're headed to colder climates, or perhaps you need to take off some layers. So you'll want a carryall that can fit all you need and then some. 

It’s hard to find a material that manages to check everything on this list, which is why we’re obsessed with Neoprene. Its ability to pull off being weightless and roomy and washable, water resistant, comfy is kind of like alchemy. 


*Bonus* - Style 

Popups Brand now has two bags that check every item on this list, The Everyday Tote and The Icon Tote. In addition to being the perfect travel handbags, they are super stylish and have a wide rainbow of color combos that match every look, from classic, to sporty and even extravagant. 



There’s really no question that Popups Totes are spacious, washable, foldable, water resistant, comfortable, and the most stylish bags for travel.

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