Our two newest products are a must have this season. With errands, weekend trips, and trying to stay organized in the last quarter of the year these two new products will help you with all of that. 

The Everyday Fanny Pack comes in all your favorite shades, and is perfect for on the go errands especially when you don't want to carry much around. With zip pockets inside and out, a mesh compartment, an adjustable waist strap for easy fastening or shoulder wear, and sleek neoprene material that makes it machine washable, this fanny pack is a closet staple.In addition to this taupe shade, which goes well with everything, we also have most of our classic color in this loved closet staple. You won't know which one to choose. 

 The Make up set is ideal for comfortable and organize travel. You can carry your everyday essential in the small one that fits perfect in your purse and the the large one all the make-up, shampoo, toiletries that stand perfectly and are easy to visualize.

The make up set, in addition to be a small and functional bag, machine washable and made form the highest quality of neoprene it can also be customized. This makes it the perfect way to keep your things organized while giving it a personal touch or a perfect gift in the upcoming holiday season. 


 Either way, you cannot go wrong with either of these two products. The Everyday Fanny Pack and the Makeup Set are two PopUps Brand products that are here to stay, and already loved by our loyal customers. 






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