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Custom Neoprene tote bags? Say Less!

We are always trying to find new ways to keep our products trendy and unique. And if there’s one thing we love, it’s being able to personalize our favorite accessories!

If you haven’t already completely fallen in love with our bestselling neoprene tote bag, then you’re definitely going to fall for our new, personalized tote bags.

Our neoprene material, large tote bags are definitely our PopUps Lovers’ favorites, because they are extremely versatile and adapt to your everyday lifestyle.

Best Neoprene Bags

From being a perfect beach bag tote that is water-resistant and fits everything you need for a day in the sun to also serving as a trendy diaper bag tote option for new moms that want to carry all their baby essentials without losing their sense of style, they’re the best tote bags ever.

Not to mention how you can also use your PopUps tote as a travel tote bag to keep all of your things safe while you’re jet-setting away!

If you’re looking to get a unique gift for that special friend that’s always on the go, or if you want to give your mom a custom accessory that she’ll use every day, then look no further!

Customizing one of our neoprene tote bags is the best option because they make for a super useful yet trendy present.

Or you can also order one of our monogrammed tote bags for yourself, especially if you’re tired of your mom or sisters borrowing your favorite bag all the time! The best part is how easy it is to personalize your favorite PopUps bag.

First, choose your bag. We have so many different cute tote bags available, in a wide range of colors and prints to fit everyone’s style.

Go for a black tote bag or a white tote bag if you have more of a classic style and want an accessory that will go with absolutely any outfit.

If you’re into the neutral trend, then choose a pink tote bag or a nude-ish, off white tote bag which also combines well with any of your outfits.

But if you’re more bold or adventurous in your fashion choices, then you should go for one of our camo tote bag designs, which stand out and look very unique.

After you select your perfect bag, look on the right-hand side of our website, after the product description where it gives you the option for personalized tote bags.

Select your preferred color for the embroidery, black or white, and then choose the font you’d like for your customization.

Type in your initials or name (up to 6 letters max) and select the add to cart button. The customization fee is only $18 per word.

Place your order and voila, your very own edition of our custom tote bags will be personalized in 2-3 business days!

Customized tote bags can be the perfect accessory to accompany you in your everyday life.

They are the best tote bags for work because they easily fit your laptop, planner, makeup bag, and everyday office essentials and are an ideal way to showcase your personal style even in an office setting.

They also make for great tote bags for school, because you can fit all of your books and notebooks, making them a cute twist on the typical book tote bag.

Another thing that we love about our roomy and big tote bags is that you can also use them as a comfy gym tote bag that fits all of your workout gear and won’t stain or smell afterward!

Now, you don’t have to search endlessly for the perfect gift or a beautiful and personalized accessory with your monogram.

Your friends will love this gift idea, especially because there’s something very meaningful about personalized presents that show how much you care.

The best part is that you’ll see how easily this neoprene monogrammed tote bag will become a part of your everyday life, accompanying you from the gym, to work, to coffee with the girls.

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