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Beach Weekend? We Have The Perfect Match For Your Outfits With These Crossbody Bags

Summer is officially here, and this means that you’ll want to make the most out of the warmer weather and hit the beach for some fun in the sun. Whether you’re planning a tropical holiday vacation or just hitting your local beach for the day, you need an amazing outfit to match your energy. As you know by now, no matter how cool your outfit is, you need a stylish and comfortable accessory that matches with your outfit’s vibe and is the most practical ally for your day to day. This obviously applies to the beach as well! We’ve already talked about how our neoprene tote bags are the best beach ally, but today we’re shining a light on one of our favorite neoprene bags: our crossbody neoprene bags by putting together some fun beach outfits for you.

The best part about using a crossbody bag for the beach is that you can fit exactly what you need without hauling too much stuff around (leave the heavy lifting to your partner for this beach day!). You can never go wrong with a colorful bikini, whether you like more neon tones or tend to go for pastels, that’s fine while you add some color to your beach look. The best beach bag for summer 2021? Our Flap Dotted Black Crossbody Bag. It’s the perfect addition to your colorful swimsuit outfit because it goes well with absolutely anything and lets your vibrant swimwear take the spotlight without clashing.


If you’re feeling like celebrating Fourth of July oceanside, then we have a great outfit idea for you! Forget about tacky patriotic outfits, from now on we’re going for more grown up yet stylish looks to celebrate our Independence Day. Go for a blue or white bikini or one piece and combine it with our Flap Redilicious Crossbody Bag. It’s the perfect red, white and blue outfit to celebrate without  feeling too costume-y.

Next up, for those of you who like to go monochrome, we suggest going with a fun color like burgundy! It’s not a typical colorway so you won’t be looking like everyone else at the beach, and it’s also super flattering on all skin tones. Match your burgundy bikini or one piece swimsuit with our comfy and lightweight Everyday Basic Burgundy Mini Tote! The cute version of our fan favorite tote bag that fits just about your necessities (it’s also the best for going on a walk on the shore).

And because you already know how much we love a good camo print bag, we had to feature our Everyday Basic Safari Mini Tote, too! It’s a great way to incorporate a fun accessory into an otherwise basic or boring beach day outfit. We love how the green camo print on this neoprene crossbody bag contrasts with a good black bikini (which everyone should have in their beach outfit repertoire--much like this bag!).

So there you have it! Four easy, comfy, useful, fashionable, trendy outfits that you can grab some inspiration from and have a very stylish beach day (or holiday too, there’s many!). Make sure to tag us in your pics at the beach, and show us if you took our advice for one of your beach day looks!

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