With summer coming to an end, we reminisce on one of our highlights from Summer 2023. Hi, Marketing Associate Camila here, and let me take you on my personal highlight from this summer: Italy! On a week-long family trip, we traveled to the very popular Amalfi Coast & Capri, indulging in all the pasta, Aperol Spritz, and views that the region has to offer, and of course, accompanied by my loyal PopUps Brand accessories.
Capri Views
First stop on the tour was Capri after a long flight to Rome, followed by a train ride to Naples, and then a ferry to Capri; we finally made it to our first destination. With its rugged coastline, crystal-clear waters, and charming villages, Capri is the epitome of Mediterranean allure. We dined, explored the faraglioni on a boat trip, and, of course, went on Vespa rides along the island.
 Boat Bag Neoprene
During our water adventures, I found the everyday tote bag from PopUps to be my constant companion. It was perfect for carrying essentials like sunscreen, water bottles, while exploring the scenic streets of Capri. Its spacious interior and stylish design made it both practical and fashionable.
After three days of dining and exploring in Capri, we ferried along to Sorrento as our base for 5 days while discovering the cities along the Amalfi Coast. From the ever-busy Positano to the small town of Minori, we saw it all. Everything was populated by lemons along this region, from lemon sorbets to lemon pasta to lemon cake.
Neoprene Fanny Pack
For our daily excursions in the Amalfi Coast, I opted for the trusty neoprene fanny pack from PopUps. It allowed me to keep my essentials like my phone, wallet, and instant camera within easy reach, especially when navigating the charming but narrow streets of Positano. Plus, it added a trendy touch to my summer outfits.
 As any travel blog here are a few tips for this top region:
  1. Reservations: With the Amalfi Coast becoming more popular than ever, it's wise to make dinner reservations in advance to ensure you get to dine at your preferred spots.

  2. Sunscreen: Don't forget to protect your skin! Given the sun-drenched landscapes, sunscreen is essential.

  3. Comfortable Footwear: While looking stylish for Instagram is tempting, comfortable footwear is a must. The Amalfi Coast's terrain involves a lot of walking and stair-climbing, so prioritize comfort.

  4. Functional Accessories: Packing a reliable travel bag is crucial. A versatile crossbody bag like a fanny pack can be a game-changer, allowing you to stay stylish and hands-free while keeping all your essentials close.

  5. Open-Mindedness: While the Amalfi Coast may have flooded your TikTok and Instagram feeds, it's important to stay open-minded. Don't be disheartened if you can't visit every spot you've seen online. Embrace the unexpected and enjoy the unique discoveries that come your way during your trip. 

Neoprene Mini Bag
A week full of sun, pasta and lots of aperol spritz was exactly what was needed this summer. For bar hopping and drinking around I opted for the mini icon as it has enough space, is crossbody and look cute in any occasion. PopUps goes with you on any adventure!
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