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3 Essential Tote Bags To Create The Perfect Look On A Summer Night Out

Even though we named our fan favorite large neoprene tote bag the “Everyday” Tote Bag, it doesn’t mean that this is a daytime bag only. Our amazing neoprene totes are so versatile and comfy that you can use them all year round, and especially on a cool night out this summer! Today on our blog, we’re focusing on three essential tote bags that not only work well for your daily activities, but also for special occasions and nighttime adventures.

There’s a perfect neoprene tote for everyone. For those that have a love for color, we recommend adding a fun yet easily combinable color like burgundy purple. Our Everyday Berry Berry Tote Bag is the best option! It looks great with a monochrome outfit which is our go-to for a fun summer night. We’d wear a cute matching burgundy set, trendy sneakers and our berry tote bag for a girls night, full of wine and laughter! The best part is you won’t be stressed about choosing between your wallet or your phone because you can fit it all - and more - in this amazing neoprene tote bag!

For those gals with a more fun and quirky sense of style, you have to go with one of our Pop Art collection tote bags! We think that the Everyday Banana Madness Tote Bag is an amazing option for those that love to use statement pieces in their summer wardrobe. It’s an essential tote bag for fun nights out on the town. We’d wear a bold, all black outfit (maybe add a cool jacket in case the night gets a little cooler), comfy shoes and let this fun tote bag take center stage. We promise you’ll be the person with the coolest accessory that night!

Last but not least, we couldn’t forget about those times when we just want a basic accessory to take on our summer holidays which will match with any of our outfits and make getting ready for a night out an easy task. We recommend taking the Everyday Shades Of Grey Tote Bag with you on your summer vacation, not only is it the only accessory you’ll ever need: from being your best travel accessory for the plane, to being your loyal sidekick at the beach, to being comfortable yet elegant enough to use for dinner on your night out. This grey tote bag is definitely one of the essentials when it comes to accessorizing.

And that makes three of our essential tote bags that you need in your collection, especially for this summer! We love proving how versatile our neoprene bags are and showing you that you don’t need to buy a thousand different bags for different occasions, a large tote bag that fits everything comfortably while still looking stylish is all you need for your summer outfits - both day and night! Let us know in the comments on what night out you’ll use your Everyday Tote Bag.

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